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3 ply Face Masks – Box of 50
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Instructions for the disposable face mask

Product Structure: Disposable face mask is composed of surface non-woven fabric, middle layer melt-blown filter fabric, bottom non-woven fabric, nose bridge bar, elastic ear-brand

Product Specification: 175*95 mm

Standard: GB/T 32610-2016

Application Scope: Disposable face mask is suitable for covering the mouth, nose, and jaw of users. It is used for filtering particulate matter in daily life.

How to use:

1. Remove the disposable respirator. and place one side of the mask with the bridge of the nose upward and the elastic strap over both ears.

2. Gently press the sides of the bridge of the nose with your hand to make it conform to the shape of the alar.

3. Pull the lower end of the mask down over the chin for maximum comfort.


1. When wearing, have white non-woven inside, blue non-woven outside.

2. This product is not for medical use.

For sanitary reasons, all 3 ply mask orders are final.

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